Our Approach

Quality • Reliability • Transparency


We’ve spent over 100 years working with farmers and over 25 years perfecting extraction and purification technologies for the food and pharmaceutical industries. This enables us to create high quality, verifiable CBD products that will help you restore your body’s balance.



We work with industry experts with decades of experience in farming and agricultural processing. Our products are produced in clean-room environments to minimize cross-contamination and maximize safety and purity.



Every batch we produce undergoes our rigorous internal quality control program, as well as independent third-party testing to ensure the utmost safety and purity of our products. We make our certificate of analysis and independent testing results viewable online so you can verify your purchase for yourself.

Why is Korent Select only available through healthcare professionals?

We care about our consumer and we believe high concentrations of CBD, while effective for many, are best used in conjunction with a knowledgeable healthcare professional.

We employ a “Seed to Harvest” approach

Agronomists working in the fields with our farmers

Proven growing and laboratory testing methodology

Sound agricultural labor practices

We are CBD Extraction experts

Proprietary supercritical fluid (SFE) process to extract CBD oil from plant

Green, environmentally-friendly, all-natural process harnesses carbon dioxide to extract and purify hemp

No solvent residue

Transparency Gives Consumers Power

Quality assurance is demonstrated by complete traceability of product through its life cycle and the use of a unique production lot number located right on the box, giving consumers access to test results on www.VerifyMyKorent.com

Our Production is Safe and Trustworthy

FDA Registered Facilities following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

Test Microbiology (mold, E.coli, etc.), Pesticides, Heavy metals, Residual solvent, Cannabinoid content (CBD, THC)

Final products analyzed and validated by a 3rd party accredited lab